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Absolutly nothing to do with Slot Cars...

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Big John...

Bet I could make some quick money this way....

Oh and incase you wondered, I haven't bid.

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I had to read this one JP... I needed a laugh and I got it! Thanks!

QUOTE Later on I read almost every testimonial that he had, and actually many people report an increased heart rate and difficulty falling asleep during the first few days

Gee... stop spending all your time reading the testimonials and go to bed!

QUOTE This invention is not famous yet, and in my opinion, the reasons for this are... There is no good theoretical explanation of the effectiveness of this device

Wow... a revelation!

QUOTE this device has a specific combination of polarities

Uhhh.. yeah... let's see.. 2 polarities... north and south... number of combinations with 2 magnets??? DUH!

Can't I just keep an HO magnet car in each pocket?

What happens when I put my hand in the cutlery drawer?

What if I touch someone's chest and they're wearing a pacemaker?

Why do my video tapes seem to be blank after handling them?

Why shouldn't I shake hands with another user?

....sorry all.... having a weird day.... and this made it weirder....

Gotta love eBay! Oh, and I noticed that Big John was from the UK...

Just funnin' with the last part....
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As we speak, he's trying to figure out whether it goes in the car or in the controller!
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