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If your track is not already wired for brakes it is not hard to add them. You will need to build a driver's station that provides the correct electrical connections between your track, your power supply and a controller wired for dynamic braking. This schematic from Fergy's company shows all the connections and adds a direction switch and a switch to turn braking on or off. I just built a driver's station like this and I was surprised how much difference turning braking on or off makes with some cars.

You'll notice that even with brakes there are still only two wires that go to the track. In the scematic these are the two wires that come off the center poles of the double-pole, double-throw direction switch.

The schematic also shows the inside of the controller so you can see what happens when you let up on the trigger. As JohnP described, letting up on the tigger just connects the track common wire with the brake wire. This feeds the voltage the car's motor is producing as it coasts back to the motor but with the opposite polarity, which counteracts the dynamo effect of the spinning motor and causes the car to slow down more quickly than if it was free to coast.

If this still doesn't make sense just post a reply and I will make a simpler diagram - without the direction and brake switches - that will hopefully make things clear.

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