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Adding Choke to controller

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Hi all I have several controllers with variuos controlls ie brakes, sensitivity, traction control etc but would like to add a choke switch preferably on the wire cables so that I can quickly change the max voltage for a technical section of track. Ideally also with a dial to dial in the desired voltage for the switch to use (ie 9 or 10 volts).

Are there any parts that I should consider that I could get from the local electorinics shop.


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I have just completed this purchasing all the necessary bits from (very reasonable). I have added diodes running on both directions so that it works whatever the polarity of the track (thanks to Mick Kerr for that advice). Works a treat.

The only diff between this and a choke is the choke will provide you max voltage at full throttle whereas the diode will reduce the voltage at all times.
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