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Adding Choke to controller

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Hi all I have several controllers with variuos controlls ie brakes, sensitivity, traction control etc but would like to add a choke switch preferably on the wire cables so that I can quickly change the max voltage for a technical section of track. Ideally also with a dial to dial in the desired voltage for the switch to use (ie 9 or 10 volts).

Are there any parts that I should consider that I could get from the local electorinics shop.


Team Thunderbird
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QUOTE 1 So it reduces power all the time.
2 So it only reduces power on part throttle but still has full power when the trigger is fully down.
Both are widely used, either can be useful. It all depends on what you want to change about the way a car goes.

You can easily put a switch in so you have a choice
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1 - 1 of 24 Posts