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Adding Choke to controller

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Hi all I have several controllers with variuos controlls ie brakes, sensitivity, traction control etc but would like to add a choke switch preferably on the wire cables so that I can quickly change the max voltage for a technical section of track. Ideally also with a dial to dial in the desired voltage for the switch to use (ie 9 or 10 volts).

Are there any parts that I should consider that I could get from the local electorinics shop.


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The best way to change the sensitivity of a resistor controller is to change the resistor. If you wire another resistor, either fixed or variable, in parallel with the original resistor you can alter the sensitivity, but the controller will no longer have a linear response, it will tend to have a slower response the more you pull the trigger.
Eleven years is a long time to wait for an answer to your question. It looks like somebody hijacked part of one of my schematics. Here is a choke box with diodes that will drop 4 volts.

Since this thread started controllers have become more sophisticated. Electronic controllers have an adjustment included in the control circuit so the power to the car does not have to go through the pot itself. If you choke back on a car its top speed will probably be reduced, many controllers with chokes bypass the choke when the trigger is pulled all the way. With a controller that I use for ho cars that bypass can be turned on or off.
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