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Simple question perhaps, but in the case of chipping a car with existing lights fitted (say a standard recent Scalextric car with lights) i find myself thinking about 3 locations / possibilities to connect the lighting wires:

A) braids / pickup: this will mean lights are on when there's track power and car is placed on track. Lights need a resistor to prevent popping i suppose, but this is already fitted in a standard scalextric lighting layout.
If you don't put too much power on the track, lights should be able to cope i guess (the only car i ever blew the standard fitted lights was SCX, which seemed to pop above 12V. There's an old topic about that problem somewhere on SF).

B ) motor: this will mean lights are on when the motor is receiving power. So it's like the standard analogue setup: when the car is driving, lights are on.
Question 1: will this work with the Scorpius chip fitted in the car, due to the digital method of powering the motor?

C) car chip: this will mean lights are on/off when a certain button on the controller is pushed.
Question 2: can i connect the lighting wires of a standard Scaley car to the car chip?
Question 3: can i connect the lighting board of 3rd party supplier (say, the all available Cartrix or light board) to the car chip?
Question 4: Rick, can you give a clear picture telling where to / how to connect the car's lighting wires to the car chip?
Question 5: if all this applies, which button on the controller to push to turn on/off the lights? I could not find this in the user manual.

Thanks in advance for enlightening me on this one :)


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Hi Merc,
The light pins on the Scorpius car decoder is data only, no power. So a seperate light board is required if you want to control lights via the controller. This function is not due until 2012. However we have the circuitry in place as well as the necessary pins. We have also made one light board as a prototype but so far no further development due to the fact the demand is minimal and WAM and other things are higher in the list of priorities.

Id suggest power via braids for now.

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