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Adding Links into a post

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On the old Forum, it was a doddle to post a simple link to another post. You just copied and pasted the url into a box and added the text for display in the box underneath that.

I can't work out how to do it with this version of the software ......... has anyone achieved this seemingly impossible task?? If so, how is it done, please?
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The way I do it is....

Type the text I want see, which might be the URL of the link, or "click here", or whatever. Select the text I want to make a link. Click on the link symbol. Paste the URL into the box.

Like This
Yup, works the same as the old one for me!
Thanks Jason ...... that worked ...... :)

It seems that the old version worked in many and varied wondrous ways ......... :lmfao:
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