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Thanks very much for the information and work shared. As the knowledge spreads, more people benefit, probably more than you might have have considered. I don't see a lot of people who have much experience with this feature, so they do not know if they would like it or not.

Working brake lights did it for me. Scalextric style lights were ok , but did not offer a big advance in realism, whereas a working brake light advances the little miniature car effect.

Lights are such a great feature, and as knowledge grows, so will demand in the market place. I have often seen buying decisions reached because of the car being lighted. Not just me, although that is often the case, but little kids and the wives buying to please little kids and husbands.

I'm planning to implement the knowledge you have shared. I would have had no chance to improve my cars in this way without this post, being limited to off the shelf parts and a slight understanding of what's going on with the parts.

I would like to try and repay in kind, if possible. Connectors to ease body removal are hard to find for a reasonable price, in my experience. Hobby shops have miniature plugs for trains, but at a cost almost or equal to a large part of the entire lighting project.

I stumbled across inexpensive miniature plugs sold as computer parts for power supplies to fans and stuff on the boards. Some are a little bigger than a modeler's optimum choice for size, but acceptable, and the price is in line with normal parts. They come prewired as a jumper cable, so the plugs are already connected on each side. Angle cut the wires as needed, and you have in hand a male and female plug with factory attached leads, ready to install. Even the the colors of the wires match those in most cars, and look very much like some plugs used on Fly circuit boards.
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