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Hmmm. If they are smart, and only if they are smart the control unit just accepts the power and IT spits out the coded values vs. power stuff.

I've known DCC to do the +push Left and -Push right using A/C power. I got a kick in the pants from Tropi stating that the same can be done using DC only and this is not how DCC worked. I do know that some DCC systems are A/C, I have schematics. And I am sure you can push DC down either rail by reversing the polarity on the rails at given intervals as well. I am not sure what Carrera is using, though.

If I were a betting man I would think that the power packs (if separate from the control units) are not smart enough to control pulses and such would be managed by the black box. But, don't sue me. Perhaps a oscilloscope would be of use here. It would be a sad day to have to resort to such wizardry just to make a car go around a track and change lanes.

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