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· Alan Tadd
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Not sure if this thread should be in this location or not.

This page is very useful for selecting the adhesive you need to complete your cars.

I find the Company brilliant and I would much rather get my Glues from a model company run by enthusiasts than a Chainstore/Warehouse type organisation.

If your lucky they may also send you a copy or two of their excellent in house publication, really good for livery ideas and superb models.

The choice, however, is yours.



· Allan Wakefield
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From one Allan to another -

That was one WELL TIMED post! thank you!

I was literally sitting here thinking about some glues to finish the DCSF Volvo and a MAXI MODEL kit I have ( I forgot what Max told me already

Hopefully they will ship abroad!

Maybe they will allow us to form a resource on the forum, laying out what glues are best for what application too
This is definately an area of interest to alot of us here I am sure.
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