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· Graham Windle
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Sean at Pendle showed me this great adjustable chassis at the weekend just the thing for all those kits youve been going to motorise . Made in injection moulded plastic it will accept a mabuchi s endbeldrive motor. The chassis is fully adjustable for wheel base and can be trimmed to fit the narrowest of cars Normal scaley type wheels and bushes can be used from a donor car or slotit if you require something better .This is just what the scratch build market has been after for years and is poised to fill the gap nicely

Spec a supplied by Sean
Distance from centre of front axle to centre of guide hole only 6mm
Width between Rear axle bearings only 14mm
Width between front axle mounts only 20mm allows for narrow track.
Chassis will adjust wheelbase by sliding the front axle/guide holder down the length of the main chassis. In standard form the chassis will adjust from a maximum of 92mm to 82mm and by following step 2 & step 3 can be reduced to an abolute minimum of 55mm.
Step 2. By reducing the length of the front axle/guide holder by up to 17mm the wheelbase can be reduced to 65mm
Step 3. For wheelbases of less than 65mm up to 10mm can be safely cut from the length of the main chassis.
Requirements, Standard Mabuchi S can motor.
Ninco Spring guider (recommended)
Fly B73 16x6x3mm magnet (optional)
3x Body fixing screws.
Overall width of chassis is 43mm and can be reduced down to a minimum of 25mm by trimming the outriggers

· Jim Moyes
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Just been and measured my Arii Subaru & Mazda kits and this chassis will be small enough for them! Just! Even a Reprotec Seat 600 chassis would have to be cut & shut to do the job! Not that I could ever bring myself to do such a thing! Shudder!!

So it must be tiny-able!


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Pricing is still to be confirmed. The picture shows the first test shot of the chassis, which requires a minor modification to the tooling, when this is complete a second test shot will be made, until this process is complete the cost/shot price cannot be confirmed. However, we are hopefull of launching the chassis with a price around £6-£7
Production is expected to be complete by the end of September.

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This looks like a winner especially if the price is around that being suggested. A new club racing class of scratchbuilt classic cars made with Airfix kits using standard SLOW Mabuchi motors and classic type handling is going begging here.

What chance a racing field full of Triumph TR4A's?

Or even Triumph Heralds?

Or the Model T Ford?


PS By classic type handling I mean handling that rewards slow but skilful knife edge cornering with cars that tip over if the thresholds are exceeded. Its all too easy these days with all this "tuning" malarky to corner almost at full whack.

Its also occured to me that scratchbuilt cars will be compatible with Scalextric Digital once a chip has been added.

· Allan Wakefield
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Redlynr, I have an Arii Subaru kit sitting at the track as well as a few other kits that have been awaiting the challenge of a suitable chassis (disregarding scratch builds as I have not yet found the time to even try the first!)

If you can post me the dimensions of the Honda inside the body I will check to see if this new chassis will fit.
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