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For all jobs like this I use Tetrion Woodfil, which is easily found in DIY/hardware shops- or stuff very like it under another name. Comes in a wide tin.
It's meant for wood filling- hence the name, but it's really good for resin shells. It's a two part styrene-based filler, dries hard in 5mins, and files, cuts, sands, paints just like the resin. Excellent stuff and not expensive. You can mix it up thin to do a smooth wash over, or thick to build up large hollows or holes. It doesn't shrink AT ALL. So you can lob a great big bit on all at once, and 5 mins later be working it down to shape. And it stays put. No race damage so far to anything I've used it on.
Also comes in Mahogany tint, I believe, but I like the neutral pine!
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