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I am looking at getting a 1:43 setup for home, sectional track that can be put away and was after some advice from the people in the know. The different manufacturers I am aware of are Carrera, SCX and Kyosho. Any recommendations?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


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You`re best going for Carrera track. It`s readily available at a good price & is great quality.
SCX hasn`t been that popular & who knows how long production will continue under the new owners.
Kyosho is good quality but doesn`t really offer the range of track sections that Carrera does. & it won`t be as easy to get hold of.
There`s also Artin. Dirt cheap to buy second hand.
Or, you could be an old fart like me & go 1/40 scale Jouef!


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