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Advise please

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Hi Racers.

I have a track in the loft now,but I would like to move it to a shed in the
garden.It is well insulated and dry with heating.The area I have is agaist the
back wall.It is 4.6mtr long x 1.2mtr wide.I am going to have the base about
70cm from floor level to use as storage.
At either end I can go wider by 80cm,I would like to have a long main
strait along the back wall going to and from radius 4 90 degree corners.I will
be using Scalextric Sport track.
Any suggestions!!!!!!

Thanks Mike H.aka Extreme nerfer.
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Happy New Year, Mike.

If you can build the table and keep the layout flexible for a while to test out various layouts that would be best.

I used to be obsessed by longer and longer straights (it's a suppressed sexual inadequacy thing), but hey never seem to satisfy. If find you are always fighting new restrictions (braking for the next bend, de-slotting due to bumps, etc). A nice mixture with at least three straights between features (chicane, corners, etc) gives you a good mix of on/of throttle.

Also, if you are planning to use it for racing with mates (hint, hint) then the fewer chicanes etc the better. On the other hand, if it is just for, er, solitary pleasure then sling in as much variation as you like.

Here's my first attempt;

and a more recent, faster and good for duelling version. Note landscaping still in "thinking about options" mode.

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