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A small package in today's post - the two Slot Classic GTO's that I ordered some time back - pre-painted kits, one silver, one red - beautiful work - the finish is impeccable. The bodies seem a bit lighter than Slot Classic's earlier offerings (the 355 was almost solid resin) and the chassis a bit more sophistcated. The wheels are the standard Slot Classics photo-etched wires - beautiful spokes on marginal wheels. I shall probalby duplicate at least the rears in aluminum and change out the crown gear for a Slot It (yes, I'm going to race them - why ever otherwise buy them)

After I finish up the car(s) for the 60's F1 proxy and get my track running (all routed, braid laid now onto electrics and painting) , I'll study them a bit more and build one up and report on my findings.

But they are truly beautiful to behold.


these really are one of the most beautiful slot cars I have ever seen.

Slot Classic kindly sent me one of the proto silver cars and another painted silver body which is being build with a scratch chassis for the museum display as well as the body for the rail car. I think this is my favorite SC car ever.

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