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AI controlled slot car racing!

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I saw some pretty interesting news on Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference: slot-like-cars controlled and driven by handheld devices like Iphone or Ipad.
This might suit better in the news section, but that's not up to me

This AI technology called Anki Drive is developed by, a new start up firm working on artificial intelligence for driving cars.
The developer guy from Anki did a demo on stage, to show how the app works well on Apple's new IOS - well it looked very interesting...

No doubt this technology will find its way in 1:1 cars in the future, for now they've used it to take video games to the real life living room floor.
1:32 / 1:43 cars drive smoothly around a track, controlled by either yourself or the app on your handheld device, via Bluetooth.
The intelligence to navigate is in the car mainly, by way of many sensors telling the car x-times per second where it precisely is.

Here's the news article:
Anki slot cars controlled by iOS

and here a video that explains the technology:

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And some more information can be found here
Some interesting snippets in that last link.

QUOTE First there's the mat on which the racetrack is printed. It contains positional information optically encoded on its surface so that each car knows its exact position and speed.
So that's solved the mystery of how the cars know where they are. However as a thought an enterprising slot car manufacturer could put something similar in the surface of the different track pieces to aid learning and positioning.

QUOTE The cars feature two motors (one for each rear wheel), a small camera (pointing downwards), a Bluetooth 4.0 LE radio, a 50MHz microprocessor, a power button, a status LED and a rechargeable battery.
So presumable stepper motors, could be that they do not have steerable front wheels and just use the motors? So I presume that cars detecting other cars is done via the data sent back to the App rather than directly between the cars?

QUOTE Build quality was excellent on the prototypes we handled and we noticed some interesting details, like the rubber-coated rear wheels and additional weights built into the chassis for better grip.
Hmm rubber coated wheels, well there's a novel idea,
and additional weights, now where have we seen that before?

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The position its the key, the posisions of other cars and obstracle things is the next!
I guess its all based on "Anoto" invention a bluetoth posisions matrix from the swedisch patent moore the ten years ago!
I hav som contact over there in Lund , Sweden and I am collecting som inormation for the moment!

The double motors ar for shore for steering and a small postive moment in the frontwheels, more like a follower!

It will be intressting to follow it up.

Close to racing anyhow!
Hi all,

The system will be available as of October 23 for $199.
The Anki website doesn't give much information, but various websites report of the specifications and what is included in the package. I am not sure if I may add links here, but if you just google 'anki drive', I'm sure you will find some recent postings.

The starter kit includes with a large track mat and two cars, the yellow and silver ones. The other cars (blue and red) can be purchased separately for $69.95 a piece.
When this first came up I saw nothing related to slot cars, and I still don't.

To me it is RC racing with AI capabilities. Very cool.
Looks like the batteries last about 20minutes per 8 minute charge. Pretty cool stuff. There is some more info in their FAQ section of the site. Not too much info as to how the cars track where they are. Looks like fun though.

I'm curious about the scale of the cars. Looks like a bit smaller than 1/32 to me, but it's hard to tell.

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