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Air wheels

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i am fairly new to this hobby/sport and am a little confused.
I purchased some air wheels from Pendle Slot Racing and i have a couple of questions.
1: How do i pump up the tyres?
2: Where can i buy a pump?

Thanks in anticipation.
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I seem to remember there is an adaptor to fit on an air brush. Guess you would need a gauge as well though.
Ey Up Guys,

No need to be so pathetic, just use one of your discarded hypos eh !!.

Just joking, of course, but I understand that one uses a Hypodermic (?) syringe to introduce air into the cavity.

vbr Chris.
Some basic things to do with "air" style hubs. Always glue the tyres to the hubs, just on the outside of the rim. Then true them up and if you treat your tyres (rubbing oil in to them) do that. This overall affect will creat a pocket of air in the middle space that expands as the rotational speed increases (down a straight) giving a larger diameter and more top speed. Round the corners it "deflates" and gives max surface area round the grips and therefore max grip. It is known to inject air in to the centre part of the tyre to aid this but this only works if it is a totally sealed unit.

some airwheels have holes in the rim leading directly into the air pockets. john
Also tyre pressures are very important in setting up the car to perform well, even more critical for home racing with magnets
I don't think you need a pump.

Please what ever you do, don't take down the petrol garage
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Now these answers are really stupid, air hub pump indeed!

You will need to get some sort of heat resistant container, with a handle.

Next tricky bit is to boil a kettle, you will need a thermometer to judge when to switch it of just before boiling point.

As mentioned above once reached the optimum temperature poor the water into the heat resistant container, make sure totally submerge your air hubs with glue on tyres. ( small bits of lead can be used)

At 1 and half mins you will see the tyres expand, this is the time to take them out and but them in the fridge to fix them at the required size.

Hope this helps
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I fill mine with Nitrogen. I find this gives far more consistent results as Nitrogen isn't effected by changes In temperature as much as plain ordinary air.
does anyone find that altitude affects the pressure ??
okay, so what about the air hubs with the holes leading directly into the tyre cavity. from what i,ve read, the tyres expand at top speed down the straight then deflate to atmospheric pressure when you slow down for a corner.are you sure extra air has got to be pumped into a sealed air tyre. all your doing is creating a hump in the middle that wont go down in corners. you,ve shot yourself in the foot before you race, by allways having less contact patch on the tyres. its not april the first is it. john
I read this on another forum:

I know this may sound strange but I know it works. If you glue the tire to the rim then take a small syringe and inject air into the tire it will fill the void. The silicone tire will seal around the hole when you pull out the Syringe. Then you can true it from there.
If you fill the airspace with injected milk and then put the hub and tyre in the microwave for 2 minutes on the defrost setting it'll make your car go 20% faster
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don't use full fat if you do this... it adds weight
Ey Up George,

Sorry, but I disagree with you on that point, it is absolutely essential to use full fat milk,
as the lactic acid components are vital to the formation of cross chain linking in the sub surface moleculum of the tyre.

Other than that, carry on, and keep calm.

vbr Chris A.
QUOTE (Screwneck @ 30 Mar 2012, 19:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If you fill the airspace with injected milk and then put the hub and tyre in the microwave for 2 minutes on the defrost setting it'll make your car go 20% faster

Please do not try this at home!, it is extremely dangerous and you'll probably be reaching for the fire extinguisher.

I know, I tried it, it doesn't work
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You must be kidding

1. Put the tires on the rims glue them.
2. Walk to a bridge.
3. Keep the tires in you hand while jumping of it....

@screwneck: to advice someone to put metal in a microwave is so tremendous stupid, do you have a brain? Young people read here as well and could burn of their parents houses....
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I was joking by the way, I didn't really try it, I may be daft but.....
Common sense should tell you that you should never put metal items in a microwave oven.

But yeh, repeat - please do not put your aluminium wheels in a microwave oven.
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This thread kind of reminds me when I first started posting on this forum!, (and still does,lol)

You guys can be a wicked bunch when you want to be.

Funny though
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April Fool's isn't until tomorrow.

On the other hand...what if you have PLASTIC wheels...?
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