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QUOTE (paulporsche @ 31 Mar 2012, 19:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>April Fool's isn't until tomorrow.

On the other hand...what if you have PLASTIC wheels...?

Don't think they do plastic air hubs(air hubs is what the topic is about), you can get plastic wheels with holes in the rims, but not plastic wheels with the cut out channel around the top of the wheel.

I've never seen them anyway.

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We opted to use two set of tyres/rims for each car all shod with supergrips untreated but using one set of solids and one set of air system rims. The difference was dramatic all of the four teams ran the solid rims for the shortest stint possible (we had 4 compulsory tyre changes and had to change the rims every pit stop, no length of laps specified.

We normally treat tyres with NSR oil or CRC 226 until the balloon or bubble in the centre of the rim (tyres are glued on). The bubbling is caused by the rubber expanding no need for exotic gasses etc.


21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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