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Airfix E Type Jaguar.

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Just received this beautiful E Type Jag from Pete Shepherd.
Pete has painted & detailed the car beautifully.
Big thanks to you Pete.

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QUOTE (Ember @ 21 Aug 2012, 01:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Unless it was completely re-engineered I think it'd be a bit of a wealth hazard. But, I can quite imagine opening the garage door each day and just wasting hours looking at it. The E, not the garage.
The series 1 e-types were nearly perfect in their day and a lot easier to work on, then newer cars. There were no computers, no electronics, no fuel injection, no anti lock brakes , no air bags, so you didn't need much fancy diagnostic equipment. Many owners today can and do their own maintainance. Due to restrictions from US authorities, Jag was forced to re-engineer later e types , changing headlight covers, tail lights , carburetters, bumpers, and in the series 111 , the motor was switched to the troublesome V12 with electronic ignition. These re-engineering changes and other new restrictions led to the end of the e-type production and will prevent any rebirth. From what I have heard, most car mechanics charge the same rate regardless of the car, and mechanics specializing in old Jags are vitually the same cost so the only real issue is these Jags are around 50 years old and in need of a bit more maintainance.
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