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Airfix E Type Jaguar.

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Just received this beautiful E Type Jag from Pete Shepherd.
Pete has painted & detailed the car beautifully.
Big thanks to you Pete.

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I had the Airfix kit, which was great, but prefered these 1:24 Carreras. My Airfix kit was one of the later Mabuchi powered and was way too fast. These big ones were great fun to play with.
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We're straying here a little from the topic but while we're having a meander. For those of you who have the money, there's a firm in the UK that'll take your E type or for that matter old Aston and bring it right up yo date in the braking, handling and ignition departments. Check out an old Top Gear episode (sure to be on Dave tv again soon) where Clarkson puts an updated E Type through its paces. Now can we move on please? :)
'tis nice if a little small for my taste. If I still had my littlun you could have it with pleasure. Not yellow but you could soon sort that out if it was an issue. Racing green with chrome under belly, like my bigun. Long gone now. Got poor and dold lots of stuff I wish I hadn't. sniff.:'(
The E Type episodes of Top Gear are still available on Top Gear Web sites if anyone wants a look. Just watched it myself.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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