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Airfix MGB

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These kits are becoming hard to find. Not the widest choice for a slot car either (41mm track width). But I like challenges.

Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Automotive parking light

Car Motor vehicle Green Vehicle Hood

Wood Nickel Aluminium Household hardware Auto part

Tire Wheel Sports equipment Automotive tire Rolling

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive design

Interior cover/card.

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle

Driver's seat.

Automotive design Composite material Office instrument Automotive exterior Rectangle

Driver added.

Hood Automotive lighting Toy Automotive exterior Amber

Interior cover trimmed. Tonneau cover added.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Custom aluminum chassis. Professor Motor roller bearings and axles. RS Slot wheels. DArt tires and inserts. BWMS050 motor with 10x24 gears. Slot It guide and wire.

Thank you very kindly for looking.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Toy


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Love the little cars.....your aluminum chassis are always lovely.

Another super build very neatly executed. Congrats. An interesting illustration on the front of the box, too. Never seen it previously.

An old chum and I often compare notes about Airfix kits of old, and box illustrations, we've never seen. Both of us were brought up in a rural backwater where retail choice was limited. Name a subject, it was limited.

Sit yourself in a barber's chair, and you got a short back and sides, whether you wanted one or not. Jackets were tweed, trousers were cords. Airfix kits? Spitfire aeroplane or a 'blower' Bentley. Oh, and dare I mention, the Beetle? No, better not...
Excellent model you've made there, Ken. B) Who on this forum doesn't love an MGB? :)
A friend had a MGB GT back in the day , we called it the Must Go Bang. One day the engine let go, henceforth It was known as the Did Go Bang
Done one myself using an HSR chassis whose bearing clip broke, looks like a good case for the aluminium chassis, thanks for the ideas. BTW the Scalex MGB is totally over powered with no magnet, will try a 20K motor instead)
A superb build, really liking the chassis design for your builds.
You are all too kind. Thank you.

The build was almost a disaster several times. The windshield was sitting on the car waiting for the 5-minute epoxy to harden and it nearly fell half way down the hood. You can still see epoxy in the windshield. Yikes.

I was trying to set a personal best lap and the car hit the floor off corner 1 after a 19-foot straight... It went bang all right. Parts everywhere. Besides a ton of severe scratches. I lost a side window and rear tail light lens in the process. That retired this body for good. Now I had a chassis without a body. I started measuring wheelbases and...

Tire Wheel Car Automotive design Vehicle

Tire Vehicle Car Wheel Toy

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Car


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Gosh, Ken!

A 250F lightweight in sea green/blue! It looks absolutely beautiful. Refreshing, too. Heresy, of course. It would lead to rioting in Italy, but... Ah well.

2527, 2528 and 2529! The definitive front-engined GP cars of the 1950s, and you've built one that isn't red. Fab.

I envisage debate on this subject. Prosecco for me.


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Nice job on the MGB!!!
Thank you very kindly, Bob E. Nice avatar you got there too!

Trisha. Tamiya TS-41 coral blue. These came in red?

Beautiful artwork sliding through the corner!
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