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Great Airfix Eagle Kev! A friend of mine has his from when he was a kid, and we had a lot of fun trying to get it to run on the original tires, which had become as hard as rocks. The front steering looks great as the car slides around the curves.

I've wondered about the color and finish of the Scaley Eagle. The blue seems flat and has quite a bit of gray in it. The Airfix version has even more gray. I've seen Eagles at the Monterey Historics and some other races, and from my poor memory, the color seemed to be a deeper, "bluer" blue.

Anybody see the Eagles back in 1967? Did Airfix and Scaly get the color right? The real car must have been quite gray back in the day, as both chose to incorporate a lot of gray in the blue.

If ever the phrase, "pictures don't do it justice" was applicable, it is here. The real car is almost impossibly gorgeous, the prettiest F1 I've ever seen!
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