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Al Penrose Solid machined brass motor bracket

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I was wondering if annybody could help me with this i am looking for one,
willing to pay a fair price. Need it for a Mura C can for my Proxy project.
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Thanks for the replies guys,

Andre that does look a lot like Al's do you have any clue if it will hold a Mura C can?
Thanks for the replies guys i appreciate it.

I do not have the C can yet but it will be a period two hole C can.
Ordered 5 of the Professor motor brackets as they helped me very well in the past, can always widen the hole if needed.


That SCD also looks fantastic where can one get them?
A proper beef bracket.
Thanks Tony,

I actualy know that site i ordered 2 SCD Jigs from Chas and then forgot about them....
i could have put one plus one
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They are by far the best out there.

I have now 5 of these beefy brackets and will build some nice chassis with them.

Thanks Al for creating such a wonderful product

Sweet chassis Jmsh54,

looks like it can take a bang.


Thanks anyways.


I opted for a Rehco bracket as they where period,
i reinforced it with piano wire but thanks for the heads up.


That was what i was thinking when i saw the picture.
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1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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