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Al Penrose Solid machined brass motor bracket

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I was wondering if annybody could help me with this i am looking for one,
willing to pay a fair price. Need it for a Mura C can for my Proxy project.
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Which sort of Mura C can do you have?

The position of the two fixing hole is the same in all C cans.
The outside diameter of the can bearing locates in the U bracket. Over the year there have been 3 different sizes of bearing used in C cans - 0.25 inch (6,35mm), 6 mm and 5mm outside diameter. More modern ones are 5mm od, so a U bracket made for modern C cans won't fit older motors unless the hole is opened out to fit the larger bearing.

The outside dimensions of the can are slightly different on some cans, many modern types of C cans use thinner metal which usually means slightly smaller outside dimensions. In theory this means the U bracket centre height needs to be slightly different to get the bottom of everything perfectly flat, in many cases the differance is too small to worry about
Hi Jaak
As far as I can remember the 5mm bearings were introduced well after the early Mura C cans (the ones with two round holes top and bottom) went out of production. As you are happy to open out the hole in the bracket if necessary it's not a problem.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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