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Albi Slot GP (V3)

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For thoses who might remember, my previous track was a Scalex Sport one :
here it is on SlotForum

Once again, it's when the current one is about to disappear that I decide myself to take some photos...

Has been live for a little bit more than 2 years now.
It has seen several different layouts, this is the current one :

It's a dual analog + digital Carrera track

All borders have been handmade, aswell as a few of the other scenic items (more on that later)

The left part :

The right part :

The bridge :

The pits (the Carrera digital pit lane was not setup when I took the photos)

More later...
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QUOTE shame it has to go

Thanks, but I like to change and have new projects.
This one have been live for a little bit more than 2 years, and well, let's go for something else
Some more picture

2 Artin grand stands (with spectators):

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QUOTE (jasperok @ 18 Jan 2012, 17:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Very clean, what method did you use for your borders? They look excellent.

I'll post some photos to show the borders
The track is fully surrounded (inner + outer) by custom made borders

I first bought a bunch of Carrera borders but I decided to replace them by my own made (Carrera borders can be costly and they are also so large !
So I draw and cut custom borders out of heavy duty cardboard (more or less like calendar boards materials)

For the curves, the borders are glued, for the straight they are free (and I've done several variants to accomodate the various tracks I've layed out). The "large" borders (outside the curves) are 6cm wide, the "slim" borders are 3cm.

Curve borders in pictures :

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Yes they are 2 layers of 4mm = Carrera Evo track thickness
The underside strips are 2mm thick, so you are right ! the track sits higher

The truth is that Carrera digital tracks are 10mm thick so I simply decided to make ALL track the same thickness (no "bump" when you pass a digital part then)
The other (minor) advandage is the track is also less noisy

Doing this on Scalex is of course possible, the only restriction being that glueing anything on Scalex "flexible" track is almost impossible. But glueing is not mandatory of course
Well, it's time to change a little bit everything here...

So, let's remove the previous track and setup a display screen for the computer

Then repaint the whole board and setup an homemade "panorama"

I guess that some may find the green paint of the board to be a little too flashy ! and they are right

But I like it very much indeed, it pops ! and the track is quiet nice on it

I setup the track but I'm doing a few update to the scenary as well (barriers sponsors for instance), photos will follow later

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QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 19 Jul 2012, 04:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I like the new paint, too. Reminds me of GoKartRide's table, which I've always liked.

You're right MrFlippant

GoKartRide has been a major inspiration for my new paint. I really like its job
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