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Alfa Romeo 33TT 1972

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Alfa Romeo had a pretty successful 1971 season in sports cars, with wins against the big Porsche 917s and Ferrari 512s at Brands hatch and the Targa Florio. For 1972, they constructed a new car, intended to have the new flat-12 3-litre engine. Unfortunately, the new engine was not ready and they had to use the old V8. The new car was heavier and slower than the 1971 car and the team were roundly beaten by both Ferrari and Matra.

French Scalextric needed an opponent for their model of the 1972 Le Mans winning Matra 670, and they chose to model the Alfa 33TT V8. I picked up one of the resulting Scalextric C103 Alfa Romeos. To my eyes, the shape and detailing was pretty, although the car was in short-tailed Nürburgring configuration, rather than the longer-tailed Le Mans car.

The performance was typical of a Scalextric car of that era with a Johnson motor and all the running gear clipped into the bodyshell. I decided to uprate it using a shortened SRC Matra 670 chassis. I added a roll-hoop, mirror, windscreen and nose-fences, with a full cockpit allowed by the sidewinder chassis.Decals are done with an ink-jet printer on white decal paper.

Hope you enjoy!



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Nice restoration there, I'd have to check in the set but I think my French Meccano/Scalextric Matra and Alfa are the superboost variety, picked up at a car museum in mougins in the mountains behind cannes around 1989.The 1972 33 was a good car,but up against the ferrari 312 pb fleet and the French government funded matra ms 670s it was an uphill task,that 1972 season narrated by Vic Elford and Mario Andretti is superbly captured in the Michael Keyser film the speed merchants, I think it was available first as a VHS video, my copy came as a dvd with the fly Toad Hall racing Targa Florio entered porsche carrera RS, fly also produced the 1972 le mans entry. Its well worth digging out a copy, the late much lamented museum Rosso Bianco in Germany near frankfurt had a stunning collection of 33s,I was fortunate enough to visit in 1990 when busy with trade exhibitions at the frankfurt messe.
Lovely model. I've thought about doing the same as you - it looks well worth it!

That's a superb rebuild/restoration and a great use of the SRC chassis
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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