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Hello All,

Now i will show you some impressions from my last -project.
Both Alfa Romeo cars run at Le Mans in `64 and´65 prepared by the italian tuner -Auto Delta-.
No one of them reached the finish line.
Based on a -Proto-slot-kit- i realised the TZ 1; the TZ 2 is a conversion of a -Fly-slot model.
Some interventions must be done at both bodies to get the Le Mans versions.
In paricular and for example, the TZ 1 body needs a windshield on the bonnet; the headlamp shapes of the TZ 2 should be changed.
The chassis of the TZ 1 is done by me however TZ 2 chassis could be used without any modification.
Lighting system as usual by -Overdrive-.

I hope you like the TZ cars.



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Hi Bigblock,

Thanks for looking.
For the TZ 1 i used the - classic 15´´ alu wheels - made by Penelope Pitlane.
I did not use the resine moulded inserts added the kit. They were not precise enough.
Therefore i adepted a set from a -MRRC-; some small modifications would be necessary.

VBR. claus

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Hi, good evening

Thanks all again for compliments !

@ cabb 77: I always try to built into my models a lighting systems kits.
( permanent and constant function of front and rear lighting positions when the car is runnning on the track)
I bought these sets from the german producer - Overdrive -. ( www. )
For front/headlights i use white warm or yellow colored leds (diameter 3mm)
-Overdrive- offers a wide range such led components.
For rear lighting i normally use small - sim/led - components ( 3.0/ 2.5./2.0 mm w/h/d ) which will be fixed onto a
base constrution. A pair of them ( left /right side) is positioned on the chassis in rear position.
( You can see these tiny rectangular shaped parts on my first picture showing the chassis from backside position.)

VBR, claus
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