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Due to my foolish (and I now realise rather rash) agreement of a 'one in, one out' policy at the moment, I need to move on a few brand new cars where I have duplicates, or near duplicates, otherwise I can't buy any of the rather marvellous new releases that keep coming out! (Although I do already have my Nissan GT-R! The best looking GT car yet released! :))

Prices plus postage of £3 per car in the UK. For any non-UK sales, we will have to confirm postage before agreeing a sale. If you want more than one car, I will of course reduce postage cost as much as possible.

PM to reserve subject to payment (PayPal friends please).

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, insults...

NSR Aston Martin Vantage - Macau 2015 - £50

Racer Sideways BMW M6 - 'Jagermeister' (Rear wing in separate bag) - SOLD

Racer Sideways Lambo Huracan - complete white kit - SOLD

Scaleauto Audi R8 - complete white kit - SOLD

Scalextric Mercedes AMG GT3 - RAM Racing - SOLD

Scalextric Ford GTE - 'Heritage Le Mans '66' - £35

Scalextric Aston Martin Vantage - TF Sport - £30


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Anyone there? Did you get the PM. If you have - and replied - I've had problems before with not being able to see replies. Thanks.
BMW sold.
Scalextric Aston and Mercedes now going to my bother as Christmas present! :)
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