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All time favourite mod cars

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HI all

Just for fun, what has been your all time favourite mod car, and why ?

SCX Cadillac Le Mans:
Mine for example, was an old SCX Cadillac Le Mans car with boxer style Reprotec torque motor. I will have to go check the gearing, but this thing was a rocket out of every corner. I didn't have much handling yet, but the car could compress time between each corner it was so fast.

I removed all play from all the axles, slipped in a half size round Ninco magnet just behind the front axle, and kept the std. small bar magnet below the pinion gear.

This has been my single most fun car ever. I eventually wore out the rears completely !

Best regards

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I forgot about that trick with the comm russell ;-) cheers.

my mod car? vectra, still more to come from that, lacking grip - severly, powersliding it out the bends last night, when i had got used the the 35k+ rpm with 8/28 gearing !! did I mention the magnut sits on the rails almost?

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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