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Stainless may be softer than steel, but from my experience it is better quality than the ones that normally come with cars.(especially ninco's
If I buy alloy's I normally go for ones with a NSR size grub screw (M2.5 ?) but for supplied ones using the M2, I use the NSR wrench and M2 tip.
Any that get start to get rounded off get replaced with these from ebay, under £2 for 20 and decent quality IMO:Click for Ebay linky
They also do longer ones for the front axle height adjustments

I must say I have never had a grub screwed wheel depart in a race, but I have had the independant front ones fly off due to using unsuitable glue for the hollow axle end cap

Tyre's flying off, however, are a whole different kettle of fish .... I am hoping thats a thing of the past since getting advice on which glue to use, we will find out this year !

Sorry I digress ... but back O.T. I have found the above Ebay seller very good
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