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Almost 1:1

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I have a penchant for web surfing web sites pitching high end real estate.

I recently came across a property on Zillow in Stowe, Vt a stones throw from my future son-in-law parent’s house: It is huge with an 8 car garage on many acres, with all the luxury trimmings.

What really caught my eye is this pic. Upon further examination these vehicles being displayed are actually 5/8 scale “junior cars”, powered by gas or electric motors, for children of well to do families. I believe many were produced in Italy in the 1980s. I first saw one in the flesh in 1990
Tire Wheel Property Motor vehicle Car
Tire Wheel Property Motor vehicle Car

at FAO Schwarz Toys in NYC: a Porsche 936 in the winning Jules livery.

Today these are very collectible and bring in excess of $20k at auction.
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That is an awesome collection. The one in the back right looks to be even smaller.

I do the same thing. Set the minimum value to $14M on Zillow and see what turns up.
This one is $16,000,000 with 11 bd, 16 ba and 18,055 sqft of living space. WOW!!
I found this junior car-collector-dealer:

They are looking for that 936 I saw.
Ever watched the film Generation Wealth? Applies here
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