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Alternative software available for PC unit.

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I wasn't very happy with the X-Lap software that came with the PC unit. So I've written my own RMS software (Windows) for Carrera digital, using the protocol information so generously provided by SFI member brumbaer at his website.

My software includes some things I thought were lacking in X-Lap:

You can automagically rotate cars or drivers in a session. If you have 10 drivers and 5 controllers (as we did here the night of the first test), the software will rotate through the ten drivers, giving each a chance to race all 5 cars associated with the 5 controllers. Likewise, if 2 drivers want to each drive 3 cars in a session (as my wife and I just did this afternoon), the software will track the results.

There is support for sounds. Lap, best lap, and leader lap. Two laps to go and or final lap (lap counted race), 30 seconds to go (in a timed race). Announcement of leader (or not). Announcement of checkered flag in lap counted race (or not).

There is a practice mode as well as a race mode. Just click the practice button and drive. For race modes, the heats must be started from the Black Box after the software has been setup with driver and/or car information.

The race screen always fills the desktop. It reports laps, best lap, last lap, position and time-to-leader (or laps behind leader).

You can count/not count ghost and pace cars. You can require them to finish the race, or not. When you're rotating cars, you have the option to rotate the ghost and pace cars, or leave them the same for the entire session.

The software has been used on exactly two machines at this point- both mine. If anyone is interested in trying it out, send me a PM and I'll put together an install package (with some instructions- currently ther is no in-program help) and make it available. It is and will remain free....
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What version of Windows will it run on? I was ... dissapointed when X-Lap didn't work on 98 as advertised.

If you could output a tab separated text file after a race, it could be imported into a database or spreadsheet app, and manipulated there. This could give everyone a good workaround soon, without you having to do it all inside the app.

It would be nice to have a file after a race with all the lap times, but I can understand why it would be a much lower priority.
With D132, the fuel levels are only known by the car chip. No other part of the system has any knowledge or influence, except the pitlane which just tells to the car to add fuel while it's there. Too bad, it would be nice. You can stick an led on the light or brake lines for notification on cars without lights.

Has anyone figured out what the parameters are for fuel/distance?
Comparing my oval (50ft) and road course (95ft):
Oval: 3 sec laps, ~20 laps/tank
Road: 10 sec laps, ~10 laps/tank

Seems more lap based than time, but the BB can't count laps so ...... I dunno.
QUOTE (blm2822 @ 8 Dec 2010, 10:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>With the black background you can see the needle rising as you hold down the LC button on the controller.
Bruce #2

Cool. This will make a splash & dash near the end of a race a lot less guess-work.
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