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Alternative software available for PC unit.

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I wasn't very happy with the X-Lap software that came with the PC unit. So I've written my own RMS software (Windows) for Carrera digital, using the protocol information so generously provided by SFI member brumbaer at his website.

My software includes some things I thought were lacking in X-Lap:

You can automagically rotate cars or drivers in a session. If you have 10 drivers and 5 controllers (as we did here the night of the first test), the software will rotate through the ten drivers, giving each a chance to race all 5 cars associated with the 5 controllers. Likewise, if 2 drivers want to each drive 3 cars in a session (as my wife and I just did this afternoon), the software will track the results.

There is support for sounds. Lap, best lap, and leader lap. Two laps to go and or final lap (lap counted race), 30 seconds to go (in a timed race). Announcement of leader (or not). Announcement of checkered flag in lap counted race (or not).

There is a practice mode as well as a race mode. Just click the practice button and drive. For race modes, the heats must be started from the Black Box after the software has been setup with driver and/or car information.

The race screen always fills the desktop. It reports laps, best lap, last lap, position and time-to-leader (or laps behind leader).

You can count/not count ghost and pace cars. You can require them to finish the race, or not. When you're rotating cars, you have the option to rotate the ghost and pace cars, or leave them the same for the entire session.

The software has been used on exactly two machines at this point- both mine. If anyone is interested in trying it out, send me a PM and I'll put together an install package (with some instructions- currently ther is no in-program help) and make it available. It is and will remain free....
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SmartRace is the gold standard for mobile apps for Carrera Digital. If you have not tried it, do.
I tried to tonight but I wouldn't connect. I will try again going to see if I can find a video explaining how to connect
If you already have the App Connect then you should definitely go with SmartRace. Everything you want is in there, along with much more. Been years since I tested it, but do not pair your device to the App Connect ahead of time. Just turn on the track, start SmartRace, and let it do it's thing.
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Thanks I got it to work but can't get any of my phones to mirror to my laptop and i want a bigger screen so i'm going to give the RMS software a try. are they any videos out about using it?
No videos. You can download the package, unzip it, and read the help file (press F1 on your keyboard). That will give you plenty of information and let you decide if you want to spend the money on a cable.
v2.503 fixes a list error bug introduced in 2.502.
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No videos. You can download the package, unzip it, and read the help file (press F1 on your keyboard). That will give you plenty of information and let you decide if you want to spend the money on a cable.
Thanks, I ordered a cable on Friday and it came yesterday, we ran the first few laps with it yesterday. I like how it stops the race after its over. I keep getting some errors on the screen while using it seems like a very good program once you get it figured out. I am just using the regular version cause when i go to run the updated ones i get errors
"License file is missing" and the other was a The Code execution cannot proceed because inpout32.dll was not found"

This is on my laptop running windows 10
"If you have an existing installation- all you need is the update. If you don't, you need the whole package.

Correct update procedure: Extract the contents of the update file and copy the files in the update directly over your existing installation. Nothing will be lost or changed as far as drivers/cars/tracks/results/images, etc.

For a new installation: Extract the contents of the entire package to the folder you want to use and run the software. You can't move the installation or change the names of any of the folders after the software has been run. You will lose information if you attempt it.

Do not copy the entire package over an existing installation- you will lose information.

There are always (2) update packages here- the current release and the one before the current release. If you do not like the current release, or you have a problem using it, you can download the prior update and copy it back over your installation. "

From the link 'what do I need.txt' on the download site.
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01-2022, 03:34 PM

Hello Bruce,

I'm new to this whole hobby and loving it. I just had one question, is there a bug with the PT snyc? When I have the PT setting to be ignored it functions fine but doesn't count laps, and if I put the PT setting to be in either one of the synced modes it's starts acting up. The tower will show the driver in first and count laps fine but second place on the tower always shows '8." it's almost as if the pace car overwrites the second place position. I did notice that if you have a ghost car the fourth place will always show a "7" even if you let it get ahead of you. Maybe I have a setting wrong in hssrms?
Hi Bruce,
I LOVE your HSSRMS race management system, thank you so much for it and for making it available for free!
It works great for me and being able to link in an Arduino for pulling up the the safety lights after a crash from any controller is an awesome feature.
I am using a self made cable to connect my laptop with the CU, made out of an PS/2 Keyboard or Mouse Extension Cable and a USB to TTL Serial Cable, but I know that many shy away from HSSRMS because the cable is no longer readily available.
Any chance HSSRMS could work in the future with the built-in bluetooth that most laptops nowadays have and the Carrera app-connect?
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Hi Bruce. I still have 132RMS version running on an old Compaq Presario 1400. It's still my favorite software but... the computer is on its last legs, looks like I'm going to have to do an upgrade. Thanks for so many hours of fun :)
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