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I bought one of these last week and bored everyone down at the club on Thursday night with pretty much the exact same argument as you, Tropi. I got the Skyline-not a fantastic model, the Mini looks very good though, but thats not the point- and as Tropi states you get a Radio Control 1/32 Diecast car with opening doors, working lights, horn, alarm (though I haven't sussed that out yet), a working digital wrist/stopwatch incorporating the car controls already fitted with batteries, two spare batteries for the watch, a "static" chassis, interior, dashboard & another set of round wheels & tyres that you can fit with the supplied screwdriver.

And, to be precise, mine was £8.99!

Sorry chaps, but I haven't seen a reasonable argument yet to explain the fact that an average slot car costs 3 times this apart from the fact that "they" can get away with it!

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