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Alton and Winchester club nights

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Right, we decided to change to 2 weekly instead of 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.
So, starting tonight, as Jim and Geoff can't make it, we will go with club cars and then on the 18th it will be Goodwood night. Sorry Jim, E-types will still be there!

So, can all that are intending to attend please confirm.

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So it looks like there will be 4 of us then at most.
Responses have been good for attendance tomorrow night so be prepared to get close fellow racers.
Can I just remind people that as it looks like we will have a full house tonight that parking space is limited in the road, but the church has lots of spaces.

No racing next week.
I will let you know when I have a clear night.
Tuesday the 7th is the next race night. Hope as many as possible can make it.
Racing as usual tomorrow night chaps!
Good news Pete, it will be great to see him again. Wrong thread though mate. it's Goodwood this week.
start your engines gentlemen, ready for tomorrow night.
Change of plan folks. Not enough interest for tonight unfortunately. Racing will be next week instead.
The postponed race night from last week, which was going to take place this Tuesday 3rd April. Is going to have to be put off again chaps. Sorry.
Goodwood will be the following week, hopefully.
I might have a change of mind. I had a stinking cold over the weekend and was in bed for most of it. Aw! I here you say. It seems to have cleared up quicker than expected so If there are sufficient number wanting to come then why not. Ok, it's on. i used to be indecisive you know.

And I suppose I better run it as I have realised that I am away next week, so there will be no Goodwood. oops!

so, it's clear then. Tomorrow night is on.
all ok for tomorrow peeps. usual time and place
Racing will be postponed for this month. I'll post when it has been rescheduled.
No racing this week. Hopefully the lounge will e decorated and the garage back to normal for next month.
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Forgot to say last night chaps, who's up for a tidy and bbq next Saturday?
looks like it.
Weather not looking good, and I have to work, so it ain't gonna happen this weekend. I am resolved to get us back in there in June!!!
Hi Folks, I'm back now and will get my arse into gear very soon. Holiday is out of the way and have no more excuses.
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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