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Hi I'm new to this forum but I used to race slotcars in the 70's and (I was a kid back then)
I forgot how fun it was.
Anyway I live in the states and I find myself to find all the cool stuff to buy is maide in Europe.
I love to custumeised cars but i'm limited in buying aluminum wheels over here.
The only ones I can find is and Spirit.
Is there any sites where I can find things like NSR products or other sweet wheels?
Thanks for your help.
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QUOTE RadTrax is now out of business

...yes, it seems they are clearing out all remaining stock. Hmmm.... what does this mean for the annual Las Vegas convention?
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Caddy, for aluminum wheels and inserts.... try:


We have one guy up here that does a pretty nice job!
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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