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Hi I'm new to this forum but I used to race slotcars in the 70's and (I was a kid back then)
I forgot how fun it was.
Anyway I live in the states and I find myself to find all the cool stuff to buy is maide in Europe.
I love to custumeised cars but i'm limited in buying aluminum wheels over here.
The only ones I can find is and Spirit.
Is there any sites where I can find things like NSR products or other sweet wheels?
Thanks for your help.
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QUOTE (Fergy @ 9 Jan 2005, 04:51)QUOTE RadTrax is now out of business

...yes, it seems they are clearing out all remaining stock. Hmmm.... what does this mean for the annual Las Vegas convention?


Yes, it's a very sad business - I have attended all six of the 'Vegas gatherings and am really bereft over the loss of this venue and the predicament of the friends who worked there. There has been a lot of discussion over on the SCI board on this topic almost all of which echoes these sentiments. A wide range of reasons have been put forth for this unfortunate turn of events. In the end, I think that a business model requiring a large amount of floorspace (5 tracks) and a very extensive stock with a very high level of order fullfillment for a broad range of products in a shop devoted exclusively to slot racing is a difficult one. Whatever the reasons, we have lost the best slot shop that I have ever seen (admitting that my experience is U.S. only)

Plans are pretty well along for a meeting in Phoenix, Arizona April 15-17 at Bob Scott's facility. I do not know it but it comes highly recomended by those who do.

I plan to attend - and probably would even if we were limited to running on an oval of old Scalextric rubber track because for me, the event is as much about seeing my friends as it is about racing (when you lose as regularly as I do, racing better not be the only thing) The difference in travel is insignificant for me - it's four hours of flying to either place. I am hoping that our west coast colleagues who regulary drove to Las Vegas will make it to Phoenix.

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