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American / Canadian Only Editions

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A friend is going to the States and Canada on holidays soon and has offered to get me any cars I am looking for, I am wondering are there any American or Canadian only editions of Scalextric, particularly American Muscle Cars / Tourers. If not Scalextric any other "easily" available manufacturers models ??

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I do not know of anything that you can get here you can't get there, but you could probably pick up some olderr issues at decent prices if you can find a shop with some old stock. You guys seem to get everythg before us & all the special editions we have to drop insane amounts of money to get through epay. A couple of years ago I know Carrera & some other companies tried to release some cars here first, but those have pretty much worked their way thru the pipeline by now. Your only hope of finding ANY cars here is to be visiting a major metropolitan area. I think there are some cars that are the same cost in dollars here as they are in pounds over there. So if you could pick them up here the exchange rate would be very favorable. Where are you going?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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