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The first Special Night will be held at Farnham this Wednesday. The theme is American racing to get the Special Night ball rolling.

American Night Format

Free running from 7:30pm with racing at about 8/8:15pm

Free Running before racing - Lights, Camera, Traction (TV/Film Cars at start of evening)

Racing (Normal 10 lap dashes)

1 - Hummers (Club)
2 - Carrera Muscle (Own)
3 - Champ Car (Club)
4 - 'Spirit of Sebring' Modern LM (Own) As run currently in own car set.
5 - Hotrods (Club) Correct way round
6 - Scalextric/Hornby Muscle (Own)
7 - Nascars (Club)

So we expect plenty of Cowboy antics, buckaroo driving and Ye-Ha gesticulation from you good ole boys!

And in the words of NASCAR commentator Darrell Waltrip - boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go racing!

See you Wednesday!
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