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Yes for a bit of extra spice we could start adopting our pseudonyms, Roger and Ewan battling away - mmm, not sure.

Peter, now Jason would create confusion if the Club's real Jason didn't adopt a new nome.

But is't confusion what our meetings are all about, 6 lanes and a start box, it's too much already, Jim - err Dale has his hands good keeping order as it is!

I suppose I could go for the THREE ROGEE?


Talking of senior confusion - I have just seen "Johnny English returns", and he did not disappoint as he foils his hy tech, virtual shod and internet connected foe with little more than an ageing flip phone and a floppy disc. Great entertainment as he chases down his slick BMW hybrid touting adversary with his politically incorrect Aston Vantage V8. I laughed all the way through together with the audience of kids. If you are a fan don't miss.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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