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This is my entry to the 2003 Marconi Proxy Race It was built to run in the Psycho Magnet E-Class.

Just a little ol' Fly Panoz.

Fly Panoz Body and Chassis
Front axel and guide holes bushed with brass tubing
JK Falcon Motor
TSRF Motor Spacer
Slot-it Gears
Hollow Steel rear axel
TSRF front axel, cut to length
TSRF guide
Parma braid clips
Ninco Braid
Slot-it wheels
Fly Corvette wheel inserts
Scalextric Caddilac Brake rotors
Slot-it magnets
Professor Motor magnets
Ninco bearing holders fitted with 3/32 axel bearings
Slot-it Front Tires
PPR Rear Tires

Race weight of 89 Grams. Those magnets are heavy.

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You could get rear mags a couple of thou closer to track if you scraped off the paint!
Good to see there are plenty of holes for extra mags - just in case!
Filling them all with neodymium disks would also stiffen up the chassis a bit - but maybe that is not desirable?
Good luck in your quest, LSI!
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