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An evening race with the APB C7042

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Had a racing event yesterday with some friends using the APB C7042 with the PB Pro 1,04 software upgraded. We were driving 7 heats with 4 cars on track, with some people complaining about the ending places in the race - I actually only noticed this in the final race where my neighbour seemed to have beaten me according to the C7042, but no way this could be true. I drove a perfect race without any deslots. And he drove like s...

Then today made a test pushing the 4 cars over the line several times - not one error in the lap timing. Tried pushing slow, pushing hard - lifting the front of the car just a little bit - no problems at all. The braids are brand new. Has anyone some experience in this, and what it could be else that is causing mistakes?

Next time I will have to have an accoundant noticing the laps on a piece of paper, to compare with powerbase results.

Technical question - does the C7042 for timing have both sensor and a braid "tap" registration? Cant seem to find anything but the sensor. And if so - should both be registrated to notice the lap for the car?
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Pushing cars across is not the same as lap counting in the heat of a race. Do you have a photo or diagram of your track plan, or one that you copied/mimicked? It's possible that the placement of the base is prone to lap count errors in a racing situation.

To prove that a lap is counted while racing, you can do two things. First, go to the Platform options and turn ON the "Beep" function, which is a beep for when the cars cross the line, which is DISabled by default. Then, you should hear the beep as a car crosses, and know if it didn't count properly because of the lack of a beep. Also, if you watch the APB display tower, you'll see each car's time/laps flash as they cross the line. If you watch that and don't see the right rows flashing as the cars cross the track, then something isn't being counted correctly.

If you set all the cars up as pacers, fast enough to get around but not deslot, it will make testing, and watching the display, much easier. I wouldn't try this with guys trying to have a race, though.
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The fresh braids fixing it points to the problem of shorts causing errors in the APB. If you have any "old" XLCs, do the "DPR Fix" and paint the ends of the rails at the crossing/merge points to prevent worn/spread braids from shorting across the adjacent rails. Fresh braids would fix the issue 'cus they're not as frayed and less likely to cause the short.
I believe the theory is that while shorts on the braids of an old DPR car will cause the CAR to go crazy, shorts from the braids of ANY car can cause errors in the APB timing system. As such, doing the "DPR Fix" on all your straight lane changers may alleviate the problem, even if you have no DPR cars.
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