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An evening race with the APB C7042

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Had a racing event yesterday with some friends using the APB C7042 with the PB Pro 1,04 software upgraded. We were driving 7 heats with 4 cars on track, with some people complaining about the ending places in the race - I actually only noticed this in the final race where my neighbour seemed to have beaten me according to the C7042, but no way this could be true. I drove a perfect race without any deslots. And he drove like s...

Then today made a test pushing the 4 cars over the line several times - not one error in the lap timing. Tried pushing slow, pushing hard - lifting the front of the car just a little bit - no problems at all. The braids are brand new. Has anyone some experience in this, and what it could be else that is causing mistakes?

Next time I will have to have an accoundant noticing the laps on a piece of paper, to compare with powerbase results.

Technical question - does the C7042 for timing have both sensor and a braid "tap" registration? Cant seem to find anything but the sensor. And if so - should both be registrated to notice the lap for the car?
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QUOTE (Lars @ 8 May 2011, 18:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>All of my cars have lights. All the cars are digital from the sets Pro GT, and Digital Super GT. Yesterday I drove with two Porsche's and two Aston Martin's.

When I tested the system in the afternoon, one of the Porsche's actually gave some odd timings - not like it missed a lap, but more like driving extreme low lap times. I put new braids on it, and it worked fine. I actually also tried to drive many laps with all of the cars (one at a time), and everything seemed fine. So one of my thoughts was also if it could be because of drivin with four cars at a time, that something odd would happen?

I guess I will try to drive with the pacer cars as Mr. Flippant suggested - then maybe it will show if it is only one car that courses the problems.

Is travelling clockwise better than the other way around?
I've had that just a couple of times and I have ran 100s of laps so very rare, it seems to me the sensor on the XLC after the powerbase is somehow recording the end of the lap hence the low lap times and also why the slower driver would win as they would have potentially completed less proper laps.

Does anyone know if that sounds feasible ?
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