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Started this track last April, had it wired and ready to go in May. Now, months later, after a summer filled with time devoted to a new baby boy, I was able to spruce the track up a bit with some simple scenery..

It's 20 feet long by 8 feet wide at one end and 5.5 feet wide at the other end. It is pictured as a road course, but I have a straight section that drops in to make a Darlington shaped oval as well.


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Hi Turbokev,

Your track looks very neat.

You also have compensate the length of the innertrack,
by leading it far to the outside in the 180 degrees bend on the first picture.
So, within each lap, several cars can take the leading position.
It must be great fun and sensational to drive on.
Well done.


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an obvious labour of love. Such enthusiasm and good taste.

A great job, and just seeing the Pictures makes me want to race on it.
I must say the scenery, background, and spectator goodies really do make a track look wonderful.

Enjoy your racing on it (as I know you will)


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