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To know more about the event and rules, please join our group: South Coast Slot Car Club | Facebook
or find rules draft below. Thanks!
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The track:

We will be racing on a 4 lanes Carrera track equipped with dead-strips.
Race-Coordinator will be our race management system.
The track will be laid on the parquet floor.
Ideally, some marshals (drivers not racing)
will rotate around the track after each heat
depending on number of attendants.

There will be plenty of chairs for marshals to sit on
and tables plus chairs for drivers to setup/fix cars.

The venue:
Audioactive is a Music venue, recording studios and more.
Ground floor: There is a cafe/bar selling snacks and drinks.
Toilets are also located on the ground floor.
Our track will be on the floor above the cafe
(stairs on the left as you enter).
One thing to consider:
The area we race has no access to wheelchairs (not yet anyway).

The parking:
Nearest parking will be Grafton multi storey car park.
(The AMF Bowling car park).

The rules:
-Please, be sure to check car's mechanical integrity prior to racing as:
It is forbidden to change cars in the middle or between each heat.
Cars must be fixed during or between a heat.
However, allocating multiple cars (e.g: 1 per race) is allowed.

-All cars must be analogue (no digital chip).
-Cars must be magnet-free.
-No form of sprung or magnetic suspension is allowed.
-Must have a fully detailed plastic interior
-White body kits are allowed:
As long as the bodywork is painted and displaying racing numbers.
-All stock mechanical parts must be present, except for consumables:
electrical wiring.

-It's acceptable for small exterior body parts to be broken or missing:
Tow eye(s),
windshield wipers...

-Car's body exterior must at least have:
wheel inserts.

-JST connectors and ferrite beads if any, are not a requirement.
-You are free to use any rubber tyre compound,
silicone or/and foam tyres are forbidden.
-Wheels/Tyres must stay within the wheel arches,
even during body-rolling.
-All cars must have a minimum weight of 70 grams.
-Ballasts must be secured/glued to chassis,
-All controllers must have a 2A 3 pin plug fitted.
-No 4WD conversions, gears must stay as originally intended.

Current schedule:
Please arrive before 12:30 pm to check-in and practice.

Check-in from 11:45.
Names and fee collection.
Roster input will be set in order of appearance.
Check-in prior to event is also an option,
please inquire for more details:
[email protected]

Scrutiny and practice from 12 pm till 1 pm.
(Scrutiny will take place at the same time as practice)
e.g: Drivers not practicing will get their cars checked.

Races will take place from 1 pm and finish before 5 pm.
The plan is to run up to 3 races (will depend on time left available).
Each heat is set to 3 minutes with a short interval between them.

-The casual language and rant is tolerable but bear in mind:
There are other customers been served downstairs
and we want to be able to book it again.

-No form of abuse towards marshals and venue staff will be tolerated.
-If anything is wrong:
keep calm
talk to me.

Thank you!
Jean Lefebvre

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I'm local to Worthing and interested in this, but don't do Facebook so can't see any details on the link you've provided because it's to a private group. Any chance of making it an open group and/or posting details of the event and track here? I know several other club racers who'd be interested too.

What track system do you use?
Hi David,
Sure, I will be posting the rules draft here too.
All the info will be in the draft.
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