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Looking at the way that the Carrera digital system works, I couldn't see any reason why you shouldn't run analogue cars as ghosts on the Pro X system. The only problem being that they would be on full throttle the whole time.

As I suspected, experiments with modern standard cars merely saw them embedded in the scenery at the first corner.

However trying some other cars was a bit more promising. Some old non-magnet club racers which need higher voltage almost made it round but were still too fast. Finally I tried some old scalextric nasties, mini-metros and the like without magnets. These were about the right speed, but lack of grip meant they still fell off.

I reckon adding a magnet to one of these cars, or experimenting with a few more, might give me something that will work.

Why would I bother?


1) It would give me ghost cars at a very low price.

2) I would have ghost cars that never change lane. I think the tactical challenge of planning how to get past the ghost cars is the most enjoyable part of digital racing. However the Carrera ones can all end up in the same lane, giving you free passage. This would give you another option to tackle.

Has anyone else experimented with this, or am I even sadder than I thought?
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