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QUOTE (Phil Stenning @ 20 Feb 2008, 21:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>for a start it agve me connectivity teething problems, but after that was addressed i still did nt like it, the controllers don t feel anywhere near as 'sure' as even the standard analogue do and as the majority of my racing i do is solo just seems a little pointless?
i ve got hundreds of cars and i use all of them so it would prove very expensive to chip the lot!

Hey Phil,
Congratulations on your recent purchase. If you have read the threads in the SSD section, then you will know that there is some tinkering to be done, some money to be spent, and a lot of time to devote, to get the system running as smooth as an analouge track. But don't despair, because if you really want it, it can be achieved.

SSD does demand a much cleaner and securely fastned track. A track that works well in analogue mode, will not necessarily cut the mustard in digital mode. Any small flaws will be detected.
The feel of the standard throttles does take some getting used to. The Re-Pete modified Parmas are the way to go at the moment, but will soon have their product on the market too.
Having an existing collection of hundreds of cars is probably the biggest issue for many people wanting to try SSD. The chip price is far to expensive, and a modest collection of say 100 cars is gonna set you back a grand.

I am in a similar position with the cars, so i chose to create a four lane track, devoting two lanes to analogue and 2 lanes to digital.

As for your comment about racing solo, well SSD is just what you need. You can set upto 5 pace cars to run around the track, whilst you pick your way through them. This is a great challenge. Even 2 cars set up to run on their own is great fun for a solo racer.

If you want the digital experience, straight out of the box, forget it. Sell up now.
If you enjoy tinkering with stuff, then get stuck in and reap the rewards.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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