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I have been running Scalextric Digital for almost two years now and have no regrets. Having even one extra competitor on a two lane track more than doubles the fun of racing, even though digital cars are a bit slower than analogue. Of course, if there are only two people likely to use the track at any time, then digital is an unnecessary luxury.
My track is unmodified apart from hard-wiring every track section to the next one, and has always run faultlessly with up to four people racing at once. I can't do more than four (even though I have a six car powerbase) because there is only standing space for four adults in the race room. Just recently I have swapped the original power supplies for modified 15 volt versions, intended for the four car base. The cars run a bit faster now.
You can see an early incarnation of my track in the "Members Tracks" section.

1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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