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ok, started this thread to get everyones opinions on the ongoing digital v analogue debate

i ve just this evening converted my analogue track to digital and i, so far, am not a fan!
for a start it agve me connectivity teething problems, but after that was addressed i still did nt like it, the controllers don t feel anywhere near as 'sure' as even the standard analogue do and as the majority of my racing i do is solo just seems a little pointless?

as my personal opinion i m going to go back to analogue, as i think that with chipping the cars too, its a bit too much for me! i ve got hundreds of cars and i use all of them so it would prove very expensive to chip the lot!

whats everyone elses experiences with digital?

did any of you convert and have nt looked back,

is it really the future of slot racing?

is it worth sticking with it until i get used to it?

look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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ok ok, this is all a bit of a headf**k!

after trawling through all the info on SSD on here i can see it can quite simply be made to work, in my personal opinion i d rather wait until scalextric make it better, as it seems that straight out of the box the digital system does nt work that well

i may, in time, attempt to mod my pb, but for the time being it seems like a bit of a waist of time!

so for the time being i m going to stay analogue, and concentrate on tuning my cars!

Phil, I don't think you need to choose one system over the other. Have both.

Peter (Pressbutton) is your shining example. He has a great deal of fun with his SSD layout at home, yet still travels quite a distance to come and race with us analogue-style. Have a chat with him, next time at the club.
Is there a way of having a dual mode track, were in analogue mode the cars ignore the lane changers and there is no clash in connection to the 2 lanes. That would be the best of both worlds. Maybe one could learn the dark art of overtaking a car on the perfect line on the limit (still don't believe a word of it)?
Secondly how do old pin guide cars run on sport track, it doesn't look grippy enough to me?
Thirdly, anyone chip an RX motor car?
i may try and fabricate a setup up so i can run both digital and analogue, however at the moment i m having severe problems with connectivity, just when i seem to get one lane working right the other lane startes to have problems

anyone have any experience with this?

i m considering the arduous task of hardwiring the back section of my track where these problems occur, i m already running a set up power taps but they seem to make very little difference.

also my track is in my garage, so i m guessing the low temperatures are nt going to help

my track is almost completely copper taped now, which has made a real improvement, but i m still getting the odd dead spot?

can anyone help??

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QUOTE (Phil Stenning @ 22 Feb 2008, 20:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>my track is almost completely copper taped now, which has made a real improvement, but i m still getting the odd dead spot?

can anyone help??


Phil Try this
thanks boney, spent the morning doing that on the effected track and its much better!
No room in my house for any permanent track, analogue or digital, but having tried digital from all the major manufacturers i concluded that it is totally different in style to analogue racing. The only convincing one was Slotfire with computer controlled lane change away from the 'optimum' line when trying to overtake. the cost and size means I must wait for my lottery jackpot before placing an order.

I think digital needs a long flowing track to work well (and i have tried compact digital setups as well). I found SCX the easiest to get on with straight away, but I wasn't convinced any of them would work on a temporary setup in the lounge without hassle.

Add the incompatibility of the current products and you won't get me converted. Do we have to wait a few years (as we did with VHS/Betamax, and BluRay/HDDVD) while the manufacturers make us all gamble on the future? Carrera have already changed their product range, and others will surely fall by the wayside, unfortunately taking their analgue ranges with them.

This latter point shoudl worry us all. For many years we have enjoyed a range of products that are complementary once you have bought your base product (ie track). Cars from any manufacturer just 'work'.; they each have their own characteristics, but they run. I don't see the digital equivalent anytime soon, and as the analogue sales have been used to finance the initial digital development, the 2 are financially linked, a digital failure will mean an analogue loss to us all as well.
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Just thought i would throw in my half pennies worth.

At home in the garage i have a SSD set up.
I also now race at Burnt Oak on Analogue which is on Ninco track.

I only got back into slot cars because of SSD but i would say at this moment in time unless you are willing to spend a lot of time and money its mostly dissapointing.
The digital racing is however a blast being on the same lane etc.

The Analogue racing experiance at this moment in time is much more rewarding as there is no power loss when someone deslots. You are not limited by cheap electronics that cannot take more than a 20k motor.

Also I still have a 1.4 6 car PB that if it gave out would mean that i would have to to the 4 car with no functions or convert to analogue. I know which it would be and there would be some chips and lane changers on e-bay.

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thanks this confirms my thoughts, and my 4 car pb will shortly be up for sale!
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