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QUOTE (Maltese @ 30 Dec 2004, 01:50)Great site and video! Do the ghost cars sometimes crash into one another or are they really intelligent?

Do they all go the same speed or are they programmed to go different speeds as ghosts?


The ghost cars have 3 speeds. Due to minor variations between cars, even cars set on the same speed, one will be able to pass.

The cars sometimes crash into each other, but less frequently than you would think. I believe the higher the setting a car is on, the more likely it is to take a LC.

So fast cars typically run into the back of a slower car, follow that car unil thye get to a LC, then change lanes and speed around. Sometimes the slower car changes lanes and the faster car follows. But eventually the faster car gets around. The slow/medium/fast cars are all pretty close in speed so they can rear end each other without deslots.

The only problem occurs when you've got a faster car passing a slower car at a LC, if the slower car changes lanes as the fast car is passing. It can happen, but on the larger layout it happens infrequently, even with 3 cars. I had more crashes with 2 cars in the oval.

To minimize collisions, you want slight variations in speed between cars.
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